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Expressions Christmas is Christmas decorations that bring joy and happiness to anyone and everyone.

Christmas time is elf time. That’s not up for discussion. But not everyone is into felt elves and clay figures on the windowsill or the drawer. Therefore, Benjamin Hansen designed his take on Christmas decorations.


€ 39,00Price
  • Expressions Christmas is a modern babushka and an alternative to traditional Christmas decorations. It could also work out well as a small Christmas gift or a gift for Advent. The babushka doll adds a playful, decorative expression to your house.

    The three handmade figures fit perfectly into a small Christmas landscape with fir. If you disassemble the doll it gives you an elf family: Elf mother, elf father and elf child.

    Expressions Christmas – build for Christmas cheer

    Expressions Christmas is the ultimate Christmas cheer. You can almost hear the Christmas carols and the crackling sound from the fireplace when you put them in the windowsill.

    The babushka also works as a toy. Both kids and bigger children will find amusement when they are assembling and disassembling the dolls.

    Expressions Christmas is warm and cosy interior. They are a clear-cut option for families who want an alternative to classic Christmas decorations. Or just want to mix new Christmas design with the old ones.

  • Specifications & maintenance

    Size & weight:
    14 / 10 / 7,5  x  7 / 5,2 / 4 cm
    0,188 kg


    Expressions series is an unique handmade, hand-assembled and hand-painted product in wood made by artisans.
    Clean it with a dry cloth. Open carefully, it is not a toy. Each piece is unique. 

    Package dimensions & weight:
    15,5 x 7,5 cm
    0,270 kg

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