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We produced 12 Female Owls design by Paul Ibou.

This limited collection is signed and  numbered by Paul Ibou himself.

Paul Ibou was born in Antwerp (Borgerhout) on 7th March 1939. His father owned a small printing company and that’s exactly where Paul Ibou started cultivating his love for typography.

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in ’58, he took up an additional course in Printing Arts & started working as an Art Director for Nutricia afterwards.

His work in Belgium is very iconic, especially his logo design.



He created over 350 logos & icons during his career & published all these tiny artworks in a few of books.

IBOU isn’t actually his real name, it stands for “Innovatieve Boek Ontwerper & Uitgever” which, freely translated, means: “Innovative Book Designer & Publisher”. Hibou in French means ‘Owl’, that would explain the several owl designs he made during his career.


In 1967 he moved to New York and met a lot of artists (the infamous Andy Warhol being one of them!). Although he received a lot of assignments in the US, he moved back to Belgium after a few years.

Besides working as a graphic designer, he also created sculptures & statues. He was assigned to create a large statue for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, which is featured in the Olympic park.

He received the honory citizenship of Zoersel (a small town near Antwerp) earlier this year in March.



Female Owl by Paul Ibou

  • h=35 cm/

    color: clear ,satinised both sides

    soccle: 5 x 22 cm clear acryl


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