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Love makes us happy and when we get married, we say “I do” to share this happiness. We have invited the happiest little couple to the wedding party.

A wedding is one of the greatest and happiest moments in life. A day filled with faith, hope and charity. A celebration that unites bridal couple, family and friends.

As Hoptimists embody happiness and optimism, a Hoptimist bridal couple seems only natural. The bride is dressed for the day in a white dress, veil and radiant tiara, while the groom is wearing a black suit and top hat. They spread smiles and joy, which makes them a perfect suggestion for a gift to wish the couple a long and happy marriage. The Hoptimist bridal couple can also decorate the top of the wedding cake or adorn the gift table.

wedding BRIDE/Bruid

€ 24,95Price
  • MATERIAL: Plastic

    SIZE: H: 6,5 cm, Ø: 5 cm

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