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Expressions Sex is about sexuality.

It is about everyday life, about fantasies and living the life and sexuality you want.

With Expressions Sex you are embracing (almost) every dimension of sexual life – and a little bit more. There is a maid, a slave in lacquer and leather and of course, there is also an LGBT.

Use it as a quirky gift idea for a really good friend, for a bachelor party or if you want someone to blush.

Expressions Sex – modern babushka with meaning

Having Expressions Sex in your house is a way to show that the world needs space for everybody – all humans, sexualities, fantasies and lusts alike.

Human beings have sex in common (among other things). The things, we have in common, are what The Expressions series are all about.

Expressions Sex is one out of currently seven models in the Expression Series, designed by Benjamin Hansen. They are handmade and work both as one big babushka or split into three figures.

Launch yourself into the colourful sexuality or visit some of the other babushka dolls in The Expressions Series.


€ 39,00Price
  • Specifications & maintenance

    Size & weight:
    14 / 10 / 7,5  x  7 / 5,2 / 4 cm
    0,188 kg


    Expressions series is an unique handmade, hand-assembled and hand-painted product in wood made by artisans.
    Clean it with a dry cloth. Open carefully, it is not a toy. Each piece is unique. 

    Package dimensions & weight:
    15,5 x 7,5 cm
    0,270 kg

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